My Challenge to Writers: Be Bolder

Do you have what it takes to follow your bliss?

Too many talented writers are afraid to share their work before it’s “finished.” But the pursuit of so-called perfection is a relic from traditional publishing, a model that only hurts aspiring authors and compromises artistic freedom. My goal with The Miracle in July is to melt assumptions about what it means to be a “successful” author. Rather than write a manuscript all at once, I published weekly segments and invited my readers to help shape the story. The result has been every author’s dream come true: a deeply devoted fan base, complete artistic freedom, and a better story than I could have written on my own.

I’m using the innovative challenge-and-be-challenged community of Bolder to encourage all writers to follow their bliss and just publish the damned thing already…whatever that damned thing may be.

Top action gets a signed copy of First Draft: The Miracle in July Web Series, my visceral first draft semi-autobiography about love, loss and what it means to follow your bliss.

Help me influence the future of storytelling. Let go of perfection and be BOLDER by publishing your works in progress. The results will amaze you. Start here: Bolder Challenge

What are you waiting for? Your future starts the moment you do. Bliss is calling…

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