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Content published from a world-wide, realtime community of incredibly diverse producers and consumers, who all have access to the same high-volume channels in which to influence others and attract the influential, seeds potential twitterdipity moments.
Social Media and Paul Levinson: Social Media’s Ecology — Read Write Web

Psychedelic garage rock band Capsula makes furious, spacey, catchy music that sucks you into submission by inducing a trance that changes your brain chemistry.
SXSW 2011 Review: Pitch Blond, Trombone Shorty, Capsula — Pampelmoose

The four cinematic, shimmering instrumental tracks (Acquaintances, Foofaraw, …bright, and Juno Waltz) are handy for the evocation of a trance-like state, acting like a Dream Machine for the ears.
Sweet Scandinavian Sound: Tetris = Therapy is Your New Favorite Band — Pampelmoose

To be Danish is to know janteloven (Jante Law) a scandalous, nerve-touching concept coined by Danish/Norwegian author Aksel Sandemose in his 1933 Danish novel En Flyktning Krysser Sitt Spor.

How to be Danish: Learn (and secretly reject) Janteloven — Nordic Spotlight

02 Mirage: The awesome, up-beat drum and synth melody induced a trance, and I imagined starring in a John Hughes film montage that included a summertime sunset, a top-down Corvette, and a handsome stranger with a Nordic accent. Hold on, let me listen to that one more time.
First Impression: Lowe’s new album Evolver (SE) — Nordic Spotlight

Register for Engage 2010 now and be a part of the collective hive of industry leaders and groundbreaking thinkers working to find the newest, best case solutions to utilizing enterprise customer intelligence.
Don’t Miss Rives at Engage 2010 — Webtrends

Since Facebook doesn’t natively track custom tabs, and because the technology they use renders other analytics solutions unable to track them either, marketers are left in the dark as to the effectiveness of their digital campaigns on Facebook.
Think Outside the App — Webtrends

A better option for sowing a sustainable, low-maintenance, container garden is to use breathable, flexible fabric pots and pouches made from recycled materials.
Container and Vertical Gardening with Edibles — Neighborhood Notes

All workshops are led by professional writers who understand that sometimes writing drives the writer to muse homicide.
Get More Out of Your Writing In the Basement — Reading Local

Fresh from the shower of fantastic press and outstanding numbers from the very successful “Smell Like a Man, Man” digital marketing campaign for Old Spice, Wieden+Kennedy is steaming hot.
Steaming Hot News: W+K is Buying and Hiring — Beer and Blog

With its enormous Gothic arches marching down the embankment to the Willamette River, the St. Johns Bridge never, ever fails to impress.
History Under the Bridge — OregonLive


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$5,000 in 45 Days — Destination Denmark

The Future is Small — I Heart Media

“Success” in Storytelling by Design — The Miracle in July

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